When people drive past your business, what do they think when they see your sign?

Worse yet, what if they don't even notice your sign?

At Action Plus, we have been working with companies for over thirty years to help them get noticed.  We create expertly designed signs to maximize your visual identity and street presence.  Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.


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Let Action Plus give your business some Street Cred

Building mounted signs are quite varied.  Wall mounted signs help to make your building the backdrop to your most effective advertisement.  From an aluminum panel, to a custom shaped lighted sign, wall mounted signs offer infinite possibilities.  Channel Letter signs are three-dimensional letters, often hollow, and may or may not incorporate a light source within.  Halo-Lit letters are created with a variety of materials with LED modules attached to the back of each letter.  These LED’s throw light onto your buildings surface, creating a halo effect.  Non-illuminated letters match the unique look of you very own brand and offer a low-cost, high durability alternative.


Electronic messages centers (EMC's) feature changeable text and/or illustrations using computer software or other technology to automate the messages.  Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, we can tailor any EMC to meet your needs.  From schools to shopping malls, window LEDs to outdoor boards, Action Plus can engineer the perfect solution for your needs.  We have partnered with the top display manufactures to offer you the most reliable and efficient solutions.

The most common types of ground mounted signs are monument signs and pylon signs.  A monument sign is a freestanding sign that is low to the ground. Often, these signs contain elements of masonry, but not always. They may also be crafted from foam that replicates the look of masonry, and few people can tell the difference. Monument signs create a bold statement right at eye level. Conversely, a pylon sign is raised with visible supporting posts or another foundational structure. Pylon signs allow you to create an image for your business that can be seen by the masses.